Corporate Statement


Mission Statement

It is AmberSoft's goal to achieve corporate success by:

▪ Providing the highest quality document management solutions to our clients.

▪ Providing these solutions in a timely, cost effective manner by utilizing flexible, knowledgeable staff and/or input from users.

▪ Creating an enjoyable, challenging and growth-oriented employee environment.

▪ Maintaining long-term growth and enhanced profitability by making our customers our highest priority.


Vision Statement

We are committed to being the best in the industry through our work process, diverse and expert talents and dedication to quality services and products. Our devotion to clients, employees, resellers, and support partners will create an organization that dominates the market for electronic document management.


Employee Value Statement

“Quality, integrity and respect is my business"what's yours?"

The above Employee Value Statement was developed by a team of dedicated employees at AmberSoft. It shows their perspective about their jobs. These individuals represent the commitment our team has towards quality. Their Value Statement conveys that commitment. It also signifies the challenge each of them issue to themselves personally and to their peers on a daily basis: To maintain the highest standard of performance. They recognize their responsibility and involvement is a critical element in delivering quality. Personal accountability is a key element in quality.


Advantages of AmberSoft

AmberSoft is the only software company solely focused towards document management solution in Malaysia. This is to ensures we are expert in providing the most effective electronic document management solution. In entering into a business relationship with us you will avail the benefits of our various expertise.


Functional Expertise

AmberSoft has the advantage of calling out functional past experience in installing, deploying and implementing electronic document management solutions. This has give us the knowledge necessary to effectively provide business-centric solutions to address the current and future demands of document management solutions. We make substantial investments, in terms of both time and money, in the extensive training and development of our employees. Our team has people with domain expertise and latest IT skills.


Software Proficiency

Our pool of software engineers and consultants, possess application product knowledge and also knowledge of software development technologies and skills. We can therefore develop interfaces to meet the unique integration needs of customer's requirements.


Technical Infrastructure

We manage implementation at the client's site and also offer post implementation services to our clients, thus reducing post project problems. Our services encompass, enhancement, user training, version up gradation, maintenance of helpdesk and troubleshooting.


Quality Assurance

We assure our clients quality and see this as a key to developing long-term business associations with them. AmberSoft has an aggressive quality roadmap, which we are well on our way to achieving and we have long-term objectives of providing the finest services to our clients.


Cost Effectiveness

AmberSoft has a cost effective service delivery model that provides significant cost reductions through the utilization of the AmberSoft facility. Our onsite services also represent some of the most cost-effective services in the industry today and we are committed to providing our clients with a true value-for-money proposition for our complete services offerings.


Project Management

At AmberSoft we adopt the best practices of the industry to manage both onsite and offshore development projects and resources. This entails effective management of project risks and maintenance of quality standards.



AmberSoft is committed to meet all confidentiality requirements of the client.


The Leading Edge

In the fast changing digital economy, competitiveness entails the best technology and best working professionals with quick, effective responses to change. Being focused in providing document management solutions AmberSoft works on continuous and cost-effective up gradation of its IT infrastructure and complete integration of the extended enterprise to keep up with new challenges.

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