2016/2017 Malaysia Tour Roadshow

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016

20th. Kota Bharu

28th. Kuantan

30th. K. Terengganu

27th. Johor Bahru

23rd. K. Lumpur

October 2016

November 2016

January 2017

11th. Penang

20th. K. Kinabalu

10th. Melaka

10th. Alor Setar

2016 GST Roadshow

August 2016

September 2016

October 2016

November 2016

December 2016

2nd. Kuching

4th. Miri

6th. Kota Bharu

8th. K. Terengganu

29th. K. Kinabalu

5th. Georgetown

13th. Ipoh

1st. Kuantan

15th. Melaka

17th. Johor Bahru

7th. Seremban

13th. Sg. Petani

Talk Track 1 : Cloud & Mobility - Flexibility & User Convenience [30mins]

Work routines in the modern corporate world increasingly demand mobility, which is readily available with smart mobile devices. Today's technology has advanced to the point where you can accomplish tasks on a smartphone or tablet that not very long ago required a PC or laptop. With mobile printing, document is always ready for instant printing and with smart cloud services, documents can be easily managed from anywhere and anytime.

Talk Track 2 : Digital Transformation to Stay Competitive & Efficient [30mins]

In today's information age, digital transformation has become key in staying competitive. We are not just talking about network servers. We are talking about digitizing the way you store and index documents, workflow and processes and the way that employees work. We can provide you insights on digitizing your workflow and office in helping you to stay productive and competitive.

Talk Track 3 : Manage Your GST Records [30mins]

Keeping efficiently tax invoices from suppliers have to be kept properly so that input tax can be claimed from Customs. These tax invoices have to be valid in order for businesses to claim back the GST they have paid on the cost of running business. However, many businesses do not have a proper filing method, hence the said documents may be lost, or it will take a long time to retrieve the documents. We have the solution to help businesses to achieve efficient GST document management and filing.

Talk Track 4 : Improve Productivity with Nuance Power PDF Advanced 2 [30mins]

The new Power PDF Advanced 2 takes PDF creation and management to the next level. With a host of new features that make document publishing and collaboration easier than ever, it is the only PDF software your business will ever need.

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